Wednesday, December 11, 2013

AAP Aam Admi Party - Why are they so powerful?

Newspapers, news programs are all talking abut AAP, aam admi. Kaun hai yeh aam admi. Why are they powerful?

Why did they  turn the history of Indian politics and India around?
Congress, BJP leaders they say were stunned that someone nameless, non existent suddenly kicked them out of their states.
These people with jhadoos or brooms, are aiming at wiping corruption away from streets.

Are they a farce, are they an eyewash?

I want to believe that they are not.

I want to believe that India and Indians are fighting back.
Fighting back against corruption
Fighting back against rape.
Fighting back against molestation

We are fed up with Narayan Sai's, Tejpals, corrupt officials.

Is that why AAP is using us to get a victory

I hope not.

Here are some interesting articles I found on AAP and its win.

Delhi election 2013: Six things AAP has changed in politics

Firstpost Politics Delhi election 2013: Six things AAP has changed in politics by R Jagannathan Dec 9, 2013 #Aam Aadmi Party #AAP #Anna Hazare #Arvind Kejriwal #BJP #Chhattisgarh #Congress #Delhi #Delhi Election 2013 #Elections 2013 #Jan Lokpal #Lok Sabha Election 2014 #MP #Narendra Modi #Rajasthan inShare1 323 CommentsEmailPrint The assembly elections have yielded their results, but one result will dominate national politics in 2014 – the rise of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and the prominence of its underlying message. After being denied a clear-cut victory in Delhi, the BJP will be tempted to say that the issues in the national elections will be different, and that Narendra Modi will be a more important factor in April-May 2014. But that would be underestimating the real impact of the AAP, which goes beyond its immediate performance in Delhi.

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